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Giraffe sander tools machine electric drywall grinding sander for ceiling and wall sanding

Short Description:

800W elctric sander – for ceilings and walls – 225mm diameter – including 6 pieces of sandpaper- KM2301-01

*With the adhesive fixing system, sandpaper can be changed easily and quickly.

*Designed for all kinds of large areas, but most suitable for walls and ceilings.

*Adjustable dust collection: adjust the dust collection power of the integrated dust collection system.

*Ergonomic design with side handles for optimal control and comfort.


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800W, 225mm Long Handle Drywall Sander (with self dust suction function) 

With this electric wall sander, you can sand large areas easily and quickly! This machine can be rotated and polished, so it is very suitable for walls and ceilings. Use the softstart electronics system to start the machine smoothly to avoid uncontrolled movement of the machine to the parts to be processed. Another major advantage of this machine is the 6 various speed controller, so it can maintain the same speed when doing a lot of work and polish the surface evenly. You can also use the electronic cruise control system to adjust the engine speed.



1.dust collection efficency≥96%. with dust-proof construction—with patents bystanders can drink tea or coffee when sanding (based on sanding performance)

2.FFU100 hours(very good).                                                                                                                        3.service time(sanding performance test) 500 hours.

4.the main switch, LED switch and speed adjustor can be controlled by one hand, which makes the product very safe and convenient –with patent.

5.detach hose in 1 second when out of use—with patent. 6. with self dust suction function. 7. with 360º LED working lights. 8. with speed adjustor.

In a lot of work, the speed is kept constant due to constant speed electrons. By means of the speed controller (depending on the material to be processed), it always operates at the correct speed. Equipped with a full set of Dust Remover Kit, including hoses and dust bags (with transport belt to improve work comfort). The machine starts slowly because it starts smoothly. This avoids the “shock effect” (your machine will not run uncontrolled on the workpiece to be processed).



Rated Voltage: 230VAC                                                           Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Input Power: 800W                                                      No Load Speed: 550-1900/min

Sandpaper Dia :φ225mm                                                        Dust extractor Dia: φ32mm

Net Weight: 3.8kg (Carton box)                                              Measurement: 110X29.2X23cm/1pcs

N.W/G.W: 3.8kg/7.2kg Qty 20″/40″/40′H: 430/870/1020pcs



6×sandpapers (P120X3/P320X3)                                         2×carbon brushes (1 pair)
1×screwdriver                                                                             1×hex wrench
1×dust collection bag                                                                2×washers
2×joints                                                                                        1×dust extraction hose (2m)

KM2301-01KM2301-02KM2301-03 KM2301-04KM2301-05 KM2301-06


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