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Useful Tips for using drywall sander

When we are doing wall decoration, some friends have high requirements for decoration. After painting, if some places are not painted well, they will be polished with a wall grinder. Once, and then brush it again. This effect will be very good. So we need to know more about the polishing skills of wall grinder and how about wall putty grinder today.


We will answer you from 10 aspects about the grinding skills of the drywall sander.

1. When polishing the wall, it is required to stick the grinding disc to the wall first, and then start the machine for work.


2. When polishing the upper part of the wall, the operation of the wall sanding machine up and down is a W-shaped movement. When using W-type working method, pay attention to moving up and down


Keep a uniform speed and do not stop when turning, resulting in a lot of sand marks on the wall. First machine polish a large area, and then repair the edges and corners manually.


3. When grinding the lower part of the wall, operate the machine to swing up and down.


4. Grinding the top of the wall is giraffe type. In the process of grinding the top, pay attention to keep the balance of the grinding disc when moving under your feet.


5. Work in sequence during grinding to avoid missing.


6. During grinding, pay attention to the working state of the machine at any time, find and solve problems in time.


7. The vacuum cleaner shall be cleaned every time when the wall is polished for 30 square meters to pour out the accumulated dust.


8. Master the polishing skills skillfully. If you encounter a very uneven wall (wavy), hit it repeatedly for several times. Special places need hands


The repairman shall repair the machine to avoid bottom penetration during grinding. When grinding, do not press the grinding plate hard and work on the wall for a long time.


9. When grinding the external corner, the grinding plate shall not exceed the wall by 3-5cm, so as to avoid tilting the grinding plate and damaging the wall corner.


10. At the end of each day, the grinder and vacuum cleaner shall be cleaned, and other supporting facilities shall be sorted out.

Post time: Feb-09-2022